Attic Graffix

Attic Graffix is a group of Attic youth who design, create, and print T-shirts, pillows, posters, and other innovative merchandise.

Youth create their own designs and print their products at The Attic using screen printing techniques and technology.  Each youth artist has a distinct style, and the group values craftsmanship and high quality, creative designs.

The long-term goal of Attic Graffix is to create a sustainable and profitable business that reflects and supports The Attic Youth Center’s mission of assisting LGBTQ youth in developing valuable workforce development and leadership skills.  Currently, Attic Graffix is using two specific marketing strategies:



  1. Distributing and selling Attic Graffix merchandise at community events such as Pride, Outfest, art fairs, and youth events.
  2. Accepting print orders from nonprofit organizations, schools, community groups, and individuals. Attic Graffix will work with your organization to print silk screen merchandise that meets your specific needs.  Recent customers include Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project and William Way Community Center.

Attic Graffix strongly values sustainable practices and innovative and compassionate business models. 

For more information, or to place an order, please email