Name                                            Title



Administration and Support Staff


Carrie Jacobs, PhD, LCSW

Executive Director

X 101

Jacinto Grant, MSW

Associate Director

X 109

Alyssa Mutryn, MSW, MPA

Director of Development

X 105

Ashlie Pollard

Director of Administration x 102

Mary Beth Rim

Financial Assistant

X 114


Center Programming


Ingrid Abrams

Coordinator, HIV Prevention Programming and Case Management

X 103

TS Hawkins

Program Specialist X 112

Loran Grishow-Schade

Program Specialist

X 112

Chris Kyle

Program Specialist X 111

Crystal Sparrow

Program Specialist 

X 111


Clinical Department

X 118

Luis Ramirez, LCSW

Clinical Services Coordinator


Adrienne Smith, MFT

Fullt-Time Therapist    

Sonia Belasco, MSS, LSW


Shay Selden, MA, PsyD Candidate


Ayinde Tate, MSEd


Shana Williams, MHS


Education and Training Department - The Bryson Institute of The Attic Youth Center

X 104

Phantazia Washington Trainer


Adrianna Brannin
Mia Bray
Monica Tiffany Rose
Marcus Berry
D’Angelo Cameron
Donald Jackson
Jameerah Smith
Dalyla Baker
Miles Hunt
Pau’laijha Sparrow
Hazel Edwards

The Justice League:
Miles Hunt
Pau’laijha Sparrow
Hazel Edwards
Rocky Galloway