Name                                            Title



Administration and Support Staff


Carrie Jacobs, PhD

Executive Director

X 101

Jacinto Grant, MSW

Associate Director

X 109

Alyssa Mutryn, MSW, MPA

Director of Development

X 105

Ashlie Pollard

Director of Administration x 102

Mary Beth Rim

Financial Assistant

X 108


Center Programming


Ingrid Abrams

Coordinator, HIV Prevention Programming and Case Management

X 105

Tara Rubinstein

Program Coordinator

X 113

Jesse Brajuha

Program Specialist X 111

TS Hawkins

Program Specialist X 112

Loran Grishow-Schade

Program Specialist

X 112

Crystal Sparrow

Program Specialist 

X 111


Clinical Department

X 106

Luis Ramirez, LMSW

Clinical Services Coordinator


Aurora Garcia, MSW, LSW



Ana Hernandez, PhD, MFT



Tifphane Riley, MA, MFT



Shay Selden, PsyD Student

Monique Walker, PhD, MFT Therapist  


Shana Williams, MHS


Education and Training Department - The Bryson Institute of The Attic Youth Center

X 104

Kelly Kroehle, MSW

Director of The Bryson Institute

Phantazia Washington Trainer


Bryson Youth Panelists

D'Angelo Cameron

Kemar Jewel



Get H.Y.P.E (Helping You Provide Empowerment)

Kemar Jewel