Name                                            Title



Administration and Support Staff


Shawnese Givens, LMFT

Acting Executive Director [email protected] x115

Carrie Jacobs, PhD, LCSW (Bio)

Executive Director

[email protected]

X 101

Christina Santos, M.S.Ed.

Director of Programs & Operations [email protected] x 105

Jacinto Grant, MSW

Associate Director

[email protected]

X 109

Ashlie Pollard Director of Administration

[email protected]

x 102



Center Programming


Ingrid Abrams

Housing Specialist

i[email protected]

X 100

Jarrett McCreary

Program Specialist [email protected] x112

Crystal Sparrow

Program Specialist

[email protected] 

X 111


Clinical Department

[email protected]

X 118

Luis Ramirez, LCSW

Clinical Services Coordinator


Shana Williams, MHS

Lead Therapist    

Priscilla Jessie, M.S. CHMC

Case Manager/Psychotherapist    

Jorge Alcantar, M.A.


Thomas Roderick II


Education and Training Department - The Bryson Institute of The Attic Youth Center

[email protected]

X 104

Madelyn Morrison Director of The Bryson Institute [email protected]  

Hazel Edwards

Coordinator of The Bryson Institute [email protected]  

Briyana Clarel

Trainer [email protected]