2012 Safe Schools Toolkit


This summer, 40 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) youth and youth allies worked together at The Attic Youth Center to make an online toolkit that represents student voice on the issues of homophobia, safety, and celebrating diversity. Called the L.E.A.R.N. Toolkit (LGBTQ Education for Awareness, Recognition and Nondiscrimination), it provides a range of easy-to-use resources for teachers, students and community groups. The toolkit consists of videos, interviews, posters for classroom use, a LGBTQ history timeline, and student reviewed media and research to use for classroom discussions. 

It is The Attic’s hope that that this toolkit will assist educators and students in becoming better informed so that they can become supportive allies of the LGBTQ youth community. Often, LGBTQ youth do not feel safe in school, and these fears have damaging effects on our community.  We need your support to create healthy environments so that all youth may grow and develop with all the support and nurturance that they deserve.

In the blue box to the left, you will find six tabs which will lead you to the six resource components of the toolkit. Each page contains an introductory description to the resource along with a variety of PDF files, interviews, embedded videos, digital posters, and linked media. We recommend that you visit “Makin’ It Happen: How to Use the Toolkit” first, as it will guide you through the rest of the LEARN toolkit.