Gay is K Poster Series

This poster series was created by LGBTQ youth and allies from all over Philadelphia who came together to express their voices through art. The aim is to share their stories.  The series is called “Gay is K” because youth at The Attic feel that they do not want LGBTQ youth to have to hide behind an image that others impose on them. It is okay to be you!

The posters were designed and printed using a silk screen method. These stories were selected to share based on real events that happened in schools and communities that  were hateful and hurtful. This project allowed youth at The Attic to learn new ways to speak out against this homophobia through creative imagery.

Through this poster series, Attic youth want everyone to learn that people of all genders and sexualities have the right to love. High school is a space where LGBTQ youth do not feel comfortable or safe being themselves.  This poster series aims to share stories from queer youth and allies that can reach many who feel scared and alone in school. In order to make this happen, we encourage all educators to post these around their classrooms in support of LGBTQ youth. 

These posters also make concrete suggestions on how to be a good ally. All educators and peers can be allies and support LGBTQ youth by standing together as a family, defending those in times of need, and being inclusive. Every student needs support from their teachers to stay motivated to do well and stay in school. Teachers can be friends with not just LGBTQ students and allies, but with their whole class, so it'll be a safer environment for all their students. Peers can show support through participating in and/or creating a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). Hang these posters and show your support!

Gay is Kay Poster Series is available for download below by clicking links