Media Watch

Does it get better? If it does, how? 

This section of the toolkit asks this question, and includes LGBTQ focused media on the internet. The media highlights in the moment realism, new words to express feelings, and hard hitting messages that expose what is wrong with intolerance. 

Some of the media is ‘in your face,’ which is just what we need at times. Other media is quiet and emotional, allowing the speaker’s message to captivate the audience. With all the different forms of media on the internet, how do we know what’s effective?

The internet and social media play a huge role in turning bullying, youth suicide, and the polarization of gender, sex, and sexual identity into a national conversation. Part of this divide came from limited institutional acknowledgment of rights to the American LGBTQ population. The It Gets Better, I’m From Driftwood, Fck H8, No H8, Straight But Not Narrow, We Give A Damn, and New York Times Coming Out Stories campaigns were created out of a means to address this chasm.

In creating this part of the tool kit, Attic youth evaluated each video based on specific criteria we thought were important in analyzing these campaigns: uplifting, relatable, point of view, honesty, quality, and effectiveness. We rated 120 pieces of media using these six categories, to whittle down the countless videos on the internet, equipping you with a well balanced list of effective tolerance based media aimed at LGBTQ youth.

There are thousands of videos on the internet and we were only able to apply this rubric to a small fraction of the media available. Divided by sexual identity, this tool kit section  presents to you the Top Ten videos of the most uplifting, relatable, honest, and effective LGBTQ youth media.

Please click here for the Scoring Rubric