Safe Schools 101: Foster Understanding, Create Change

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”  -Malcolm Forbes

Safe Schools 101: Foster Understanding, Create Changeprovides a fun and creative way to integrate aspects of LGBTQ life, culture, and experiences in the classroom to foster understanding and an open and accepting environment.  “Safe Schools 101: Foster Understanding, Create Change” includes personal stories, alongside current data on the safety and visibility of LGBTQ youth.  We hope that this toolkit resource can be used by teachers, administrators, and the like to supplement their teaching and advocacy work with aspects of LGBTQ individuals’ lives, cultures, and experiences.

The content of this resource consists of:

  • Curriculum supplement documents for use in History, English, and Social Science
  • Hot Facts – statistics and relevant data on how safety and visibility of LGBTQ students and youth can lead to positive psychosocial well-being, adjustment, and educational success, and how feeling unsafe and invisible can lead to a multitude of negative consequences
  • Re-assessing stereotypes – a fun quiz testing your knowledge of LGBTQ people and topics
  • Get Informed, Take Action – a section outlining safe schools legislation at the state and national level and providing names of legislators and a sample letter for lobbying purposes
  • Real Personal Stories, real life experiences of LGBTQ youth.

For additional resources please see our printable resource guide.