It's Time to Vogue!!!

The Attic Youth Center
255 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Come get your “tens” at the Attic’s weekly vogue group… No shade and No drama, just bring your best.  A fun interactive celebration of Ballroom and Vogue functions with friendly-competition, all encouraged to join in the fun.

“Inspired by Vogue magazine, voguing is characterized by model-like poses integrated with angular, linear, and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. This style of dance arose from Harlem ballrooms by African Americans in the early 1960s. It was originally called "presentation" and later "performance".[2] Over the years, the dance evolved into the more intricate and illusory form that is now called "vogue".  Voguing is continually developed further as an established dance form that is practiced in the gay ballroom scene and clubs in major cities throughout the United States”