4/18/2016 3:28pm
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A community fund that provides financial and technical support to organizations and projects that serve the localLGBT community held its 10th annual Heroes awards ceremony Sunday at the Hotel Monaco on Independence Mall.
2/17/2016 12:00am
Intersecting at 13th and Locust streets, the rainbow crosswalk represents more than lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and queers. It embodies the boundaries and obstacles crossed and overcome by the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia.
2/12/2016 12:00am
The Attic youth made a runway in less than a minute Tuesday night. Program specialist Loran Grishow-Schade sat cross-legged at one end with a smart phone, waiting to record a half-dozen queens who hadn’t yet received final critiques on their drag...
2/12/2016 12:00am
We often hear about the need for “diversity” in our organizations. But it can be hard to know how to put the term mean into practice.
1/29/2016 12:00am
Transgender adolescents, brother and sister, seek their true selves Ten-year-old Nyr Medina-Castrejon admired herself in the mirror as she twirled around the bedroom in a pretty purple dress.  
10/9/2015 2:42pm
Phantazia Washington, from The Attic Youth Center, spoke about how her experience with homelessness led her to the realize that family rejection is at the root of "greater forms of institutional oppression" for LGBT youth.
9/18/2015 11:33am
Gender is the complex interrelationship between an individual’s sex (gender biology), one’s internal sense of self as male, female, both or neither (gender identity) as well as one’s outward presentations and behaviors (gender expression) related to...
9/18/2015 11:31am
Speak Easy is examining priorities among LGBT communities in the Philadelphia region that persist beyond the issue of same-sex marriage. Seeking diverse perspectives on these issues, NewsWorks is hosting a public forum, "LGBT Priorities Beyond...
4/3/2015 3:09pm
The Attic's Coordinator of HIV Prevention Programming and Case Management, Ingrid Abrams, is featured on the cover of One Step Away, Philadelphia's newspaper produced and written by those without homes. Congrats to Ingrid, one of this year's Steppy...
9/12/2013 5:58am
Philadelphia, PA - The Attic Youth Center shared the details of the organization's upcoming