Chip In To Save Our Kitchen

Please support us in renovating our kitchen
so we can cook and serve food again


During the snowstorm in early March, a pipe burst in The Attic, flooding part of our second floor and our kitchen below. The entire kitchen was destroyed including the ceiling, walls, floor, counters, cabinets and all of the appliances.

Our kitchen is a warm and welcoming space, right off of our lobby, where our youth and staff gather to have meaningful conversations, share recipes, and cook together. Everyday, staff and volunteers cook and serve dinner to over 45 LGBTQ youth, many of whom do not have consistent access to food or hot meals.

Our kitchen is shut down and we are unable to use it until it can be renovated.

Although insurance covers the basic cost of recovering our kitchen, it does not cover the costs of the improvements necessary to keep our kitchen open and operating for years to come.

We need to raise $10,000 to go towards rebuilding our kitchen.
Can you chip in to help us rebuild?

 Please donate today.