Enroll with WorkReady

Log on to: summerapp.workreadyphila.org

  1. Click Green Button: Access Summer 2017 online application
  2. Enter your first name, last name, and email
  3. Wait for the email from [email protected] which will include a generated password used to sign in with (should take a minute or two, check spam folder if nothing appears)
  4. Copy and Paste generated password into right hand Section: Continue My Application on the home page with your email
  5. Create new password (write it down!), Select and answer two security questions

Starting the Application
*Must have social security number to complete application
*Make sure youth remembers email and password, you can only submit one application

Section 1: Who am I?
- In this section you will enter information about who you are!
Enter your Name, Social Security Number, Birthday, Gender, Race *Referral Code: T108

Section 2: How to Contact Me?
- Enter your Address, City (Philadelphia), Zip, Phone Number.
You can choose whether to receive text messages from Work Ready.
Next include an Emergency Contact (name, phone number)

Section 3: My School Information
-  Please select your School Status. You must be enrolled in high school or in your senior year summer to be considered for WorkReady. If this is true for you, please select “in school” . Next, enter your ID number. Find your School Name on the drop down list, if school name is not listed, select “Other” and enter in name of school. Also select your grade

Section 4: My Family Information
-  Number of people living in household
-  Household Income: Estimate your family’s income.
-  Background questions: Enter yes or no to the following: Pregnant? Homeless? Foster? Behind a grade level? Foster?
-  Employment Status: *if you are not currently working please select no or never. If no is selected a last date of employment must be entered.
-  TANF, SSI, Food Stamps, General Assistance: yes or no, more detail is not necessary

Section 5: More About Me
-  Have you participated before? Yes or No
-  *Question 2: If you attend a Philadelphia area public school, do you participate in an industry or career focused program (ex. Automotive program)
          This question is asking you if you are enrolled in a vocational program. If you are enrolled in normal public school please select NO
-  Special Skills; Yes or No, *do not select “I don’t know”
-  Resume: Yes or No (If yes please upload it or send to [email protected])
-  Traveling to work: Check all that apply
-  Summer School: Please select NO unless you are sure that you do have summer school. If youth selects yes they may be disqualified to participate
-  Challenges: please select what you believe will be your challenges for coming to work, Ex: transportation, outside responsibilities, etc, If other is selected youth will have to elaborate
-  What will you do after the Program ends? Ex. return to school (enter graduation year), college, work, etc.
-  Select* 3 different areas of interest
-  What would else do you like to do with your time: open ended opportunity for youth to chat about themselves!
- Work Permit: Yes or No


If you have any questions completing the online application please contact Hanna Garrity at [email protected], 215-545-4331, ext 119